We look for emerging companies with entrepreneurs that have the vision, passion and discipline to establish a unique or outstanding position in their market sector. We have special interest and experience in bringing new technologies and ideas to market. We leverage our own entrepreneurial successes in this area to partner with entrepreneurs who are driving the next set of disruptive innovations. We furthermore are interested in investing in companies in need of restructuring.

Our primary geographic focus is towards companies whose headquarters are in Germany with national and international orientation. However, 30% is reserved for international Investments in MEA. Our investment pace is highly selective, averaging 3 to 5 new investments per year.

Trusted Advisors

Successful venture-backed companies are built upon trusted relationships among venture capitalists and entrepreneurs. We strive to be the go-to advisor for our portfolio company management teams, and the most active board member, in and out of board meetings.

Seed Financing

Venture Capital

Mostly our investments/targets in this sectors fall into the following categories:

E-Commerce, Application & Internet Technologies

Infrastructure, and Security Software


Sales and Marketing Consulting

Value Added Services in Mobile Telecommunication

Communication Infrastructure Improvement

Technology-Enabled Services

Green/Clean Power for Telecom and suburban /rural sectors

We look forward to talking to you.

Kai Uebach, Managing Director